Wealth Creation for Coaches!

June 2023 – January 2024

The Wealth Creation for Coaches Program is an 8-month group coaching program for heart-centered coaches to better align and monetize their coaching practice with their unique strengths and develop a business building roadmap that allows them to create a thriving coaching business that matches their energy and their vision. It is an opportunity for those who have had some success growing their practice to leverage their existing skills to accelerate their growth as a coach and business owner.

The Program is limited to a small number of highly dedicated individuals who are ready to right-side their business, The Prosperous Coach way. We’ll put leveraging their authenticity and heart into practice each week to transform their practice, their lives, and the world.

Participants will use the workbook Steve and I wrote entitled, Wealth Creation for Coaches: A Workbook for Creating a Thriving and Sustainable Practice as a Prosperous Coach One Small Step at a Time. All books recommended are provided for you in this program.

And, I will be sharing quite a bit of the positive neuropsychology of wealth with how to rewire your brain for wealth and wealth meditations. We’ll be identifying and rewriting our money stories!


This program is of high value inwardly and outwardly.   You will be transformed no matter if you are a beginning coach just starting or a very seasoned coach.   Basically, this work translates to all areas of your life.  You will be seen, encouraged, supported and Loved as you step forward in your next steps.
Helen Bradley, DSS
Artist, Certified Expressive Art Facilitator & Professional Life Coach PlayfulArtStudio.com


Coaches will receive focused personal support, guidance, and encouragement as well as group collaboration. This group is for those who get that being of service is THEIR PATH and their CALLING and they are committed to being in the long game of becoming a PROSPEROUS coach. They are willing to be a learner and to stay open in service to assisting others, bringing all their gifts and abilities forward.

AND…there’s a bit of MAGIC and FLOW we’ll be using! What I’ve learned is that creating the wealth we want doesn’t have to be hard. Participants must be open to the possibility and willingness to play with…

what if creating my business could be easy…
if I’m in alignment with who I am…can I be open and experiment…



TOPICS MAY INCLUDE (but not limited to):

  • Understanding and Mastering The Prosperous Coach Enrollment process
  • Advanced Client Creation Conversations & Enrollment Strategies
  • Identifying and monetizing Your Unique WHY and Strengths
  • Creating Power Goals
  • Business Ideation and Expansion
  • Rewriting and Rewiring Your Money Story
  • Crossing the Veil to Receiving More Wealth
  • Soul Line versus Goal Line…top of the ladder creations
  • Additional USM principles
  • Identifying Ideal Clients and Business
  • Moving beyond imposter syndrome
  • Leveraging your WHY and your strengths to create greater flow in you life, business and wealth
  • The Power of Creating Groups, IF you choose
  • Client Astonishment Strategies
  • Game Filming and Strategies for improving conversations for clients and potential clients
  • And more…



  • Openness, coachability and clear commitment to being in action on a weekly basis.
  • Willing to make mistakes and keep in the game of coaching in the name of serving.
  • Willingness to share authentically in the group and support and encourage others in the group.



It is a requirement to attend all virtual sessions Live via Zoom in this 8-Month Program. Most classes will fall on the first and third Thursdays of each month, except for in June, July and December. Here are the dates:

    • June: 15*, 29* from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT
    • July:  6, 13* from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT
    • August: 3, 17 from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT
    • September: 7, 21 from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT
    • October: 5, 19 from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT
    • November: 2, 16 from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT
    • December: 7, 14* from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT (*note second class one week later due to holiday)
    • January: 4, 18 from 3 pm PT – 5 pm PT
  • Two 2-hour group coaching zoom calls per month. All calls recorded.
  • Each participant will receive one private coaching calls each month. All sessions must be used within 6 months of the end of the program. These sessions will generally be the second or third week of the month (in between group sessions).
  • Weekly reports as necessary.
  • Office hours, spot coaching and email access Monday through Friday at noon.
  • Regular Wealth Meditations.
  • Additional bonuses, resources, assignments, and unexpected surprises!



  • 100% commitment to your growth and success.
  • Showing you how to leverage and monetize your WHY, your strengths and your Zone of Genius.
  • Helping you to create wins, areas of opportunity, and utilize your gifts.
  • Being with you as you strengthen the muscles and tools you need to be a highly effective and successful coach.
  • Sharing ALL of my learnings, mistakes, resources, ideas, experience with full transparency.


TUITION: $14,997 USD 

Early Bird Pay-in-Full pricing is $13,997 USD ($1000 off) if you sign up by May 22, 2023. Bridge funding (OAC) is available for Pay-in-Full as well.

Early Birds also receive one additional private 60-minute sessions to support you on your journey! Once your payment is made you can schedule your private sessions…and the bonuses begin. 🙂

Payment plans are available. Email Kamin to discuss details & apply.

Limited to 8-12 participants…based on the energy of the group.

If this program feels right for you, please email Kamin at
kamin@kaminsamuel.com to apply or if you have any questions,

It has sold out the last two times so apply early!


Can I join if I have a coach?

Yes. This program is mostly about money, your relationship to it and your growth in creating clients because of your new story with money. If you have a coach, I ask that you bring your explorations and experiments to them. And, I’m happy to connect with them as well.

Are there any guarantees?

Just that I will share everything I can from my experiences and what’s worked with my clients as well as my positive neuropsychology work to assist in your growth. There are no refunds, however.

Do you offer a refund?

There are no refunds so please take your time in deciding to participate in this program. Sometimes coaching can be uncomfortable. It is not for the faint of heart.This is why I require no stopping and no refunds during our term together. This also includes no pauses. If there is an extenuating circumstance such as being diagnosed with a terminal disease we will talk about it.

If something were to happen to me, you would be pro-rata refunded your money from either my estate (should I transition) or from me personally, if I no longer had the capacity to coach or had a short-term disability.

Take some time to make sure this is a commitment that you are willing to agree to.

Do I have to attend every session for this to work?

It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED both for the learning and consistency to attend all sessions live. Please contact Kamin before joining if you already know you might miss more than 2 sessions throughout the 8-month program.

Will there be a Facebook group?

Yes. I’ll be putting materials and recordings, as well as answering questions, in the Facebook or equivalent group for you. I also encourage lots of sharing!

Words from other group participants…

Prior to the WC4C Program, I was not doing much in my business as I just came through a year of being a caregiver for my precious boy dog who had an aggressive cancer.   He passed and for months I had not been motivated to start any programs, workshops or enroll new private clients.  I was extremely grateful that Kamin sent me an invitation for the group as I know how extremely valuable her work is.  And I Love being with her!! I transform every time we work together.  She actually gets me and my out-of-the-box nature and creativity.

I almost did not join the group because I only had maybe 1 or 2 ongoing clients and I could not see how we could afford it. Kamin supported me in changing my mindset about investing in myself and my business to fulfill my purpose when we first started talking about her program.

I knew I needed the support, coaching, boost and change in mindset that Kamin is so incredible with.

My experience of the program is that I absolutely LOVED every minute I have been privileged to spend with Kamin and this group of coaches. I felt totally Loved!!   I have felt held as I took some (in my eyes) big steps past my fears and mis-beliefs of raising my rates for both my programs and private clients.   Kamin has a way of holding a vision of success, prosperity, wealth, growth and expansion for each of us that is extraordinary.  Especially if we cannot see it at the time. I have so many takeaways and made significant improvements in my business. Using the tools provided in this program, including daily listening to a Wealth Meditation just for our group, I successfully filled a 10-week program to more than maximum at a higher rate than ever before.  It feels like I am serving and facilitating a higher level than I have before as well. I feel I have the confidence to enroll, fill and facilitate more programs I create and even a coaching group next year.

If you are on the fence about joining the WC4C Program… Just DO IT!!!  This program is of high value inwardly and outwardly.   You will be transformed no matter if you are a beginning coach just starting or a very seasoned coach.   Basically, this work translates to all areas of your life.  You will be seen, encouraged, supported and Loved as you step forward in your next steps.

Helen Bradley, DSS
Artist, Certified Expressive Art Facilitator & Professional Life Coach PlayfulArtStudio.com


I chose to take part in Kamin’s group because of my absolute faith in her magical ability to guide me in transforming into someone who knows what direction to take, trusts my own abilities and can see how to create an abundant lifestyle for myself doing something I love. She is a model of profound service – I have never received such warmth, such support, such gentle yet effective challenge, not to mention the huge amount of practical help and resources. And it’s lovely doing this in a group environment and learning from others whose personal journey is both very different and yet fundamentally the same; we have all grown in confidence, in scope, in vision. I’ve had amazing success in client generation during my time in the group, have delivered talks to teams and institutions and done things I never would have believed possible – all with a lightness of touch and in a spirit of play. There is magic in the air whenever you’re with Kamin and it rubs off on you!

Susan Taheri – Coach, Consultant, Storyteller susantaheri.com/

If you are a coach who wants to learn or get better at the art of serving, and increase income through more paying customers or increase in earnings, I highly recommend Kamin. She has a lot of knowledge, experience, peace of mind and patience to teach you everything from enrollment of customers to really selling long-term coaching programs for customers.

Bert Jansen Deep – Coach albertjansen.com

I attended the Transition to Success Group program with Kamin Samuel.  It was both informative and life changing.  The way that Kamin displayed her expertise of coaching to us was above and beyond.  Kamin’s ability to bring out the best in me wowed me every week.  The most important thing for me is that now I know what my True Unique gift is.  And for me that alone is worth the whole fee of the program.  I definitely would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about their own personal and professional transformation.  It is life changing.  I really look forward to the next time Kamin is doing this program again.


Clarity and Focus Coach