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  • Hi Kamin, Working with you was profound and life changing. I felt an immediate shift in energy. The result is a deeper level of relaxation and ease in my body. Financially I know something shifted, as new clients are calling out of the blue! I've integrated aspects of myself that were at odds and there is a new found peace presentas I go about the day. Physically, my martial arts practice has jumped to a new level of heightened awareness.

    To say you are the "wealth doctor" is an understatement. You are street smart, spiritually savvy and your approach works!"–Lin Morel, www.linmorel.com

  • I had one conversation with Kamin, then followed her advice. Within weeks my income doubled.

    Kamin is awesome!


    –Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A. Astrologer, Columnist and Author of You're Every Sign,
    Astrology's Keys to Hot Romance

  • Over the last six months of working with Kamin my perspective and clarity of how to get to where I am intending has beautifully evolved. The space that Kamin holds is one of great support, calm, and a sense of deep knowing. She had helped me find the way, and the how for my dreams to manifest. She has shared with me a confidence and determination to persevere. Her fresh perspective always brings me to a broader and deeper truth. I feel like I have a team of support, routing me into realms of success. Thank you for holding the space that you do and sharing the wisdom in your heart. In working with you I have found clarity, inspiration, and a confidence to move above the radar and share my gifts with the world.Aleya Dao

  • Kamin, The tools you helped me acquire have truly helped me understand that I am not alone on this journey and that this is the beginning of the rest of my life. My life force has returned and it took such a short time for me to realize what had been dormant for so long. I have reawakened to dream again and follow my passions.

    I am so excited about my journey and I feel so liberated. And, I celebrate the newness and freshness of my thoughts. I thank God and you for all that you have done for me.–Gary A.