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Wealth Creation for Coaches:

A Workbook to Create a Prosperous Coaching Practice

One Small Step at a Time

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Early Praise for the BookB

“Kamin and Steve’s new co-creation is not only a ‘Workbook’, it’s also a powerful PLAYbook for wealth creation.  Effortlessly combining their vast knowledge and experiences with a roadmap on both the inner game and real-world strategies to master our money, this one is not to be missed!”

~Jason Goldberg, Author of Prison Break


“It is very rare to find writing that addresses a topic such as wealth creation with such completeness, individuality and universality as this excellent book from Kamin and Steve. In fact I would go as far to say that until this is a living practice for us, any clients asking how to increase their own income are still just the mirror of our own limitations. We cannot help clients in this area until the conditioning of lack and fear within us has been given space to heal and Kamin and Steve show us, with beautifully practical, step by step suggestions, how the inner and outer transform.”

~ Clare Dimond, author of REAL: The Inside-Out Guide to Being Yourself


“This is a fantastic workbook that I only wish was available to me earlier in my career. I decided within a few pages this is going to form part of the compulsory reading for my school for coaches. I cannot recommend this highly enough.”

~ Ankush Jain, author of Sweet Sharing, and founder of the AJC Coaching Career School


“Kamin Samuel and Steve Chandler have nailed the deep, dark stuff that coaches face about money and the work of being a coach, bringing it into the light in the most clear, uplifting, and practical ways. Coaches will not only see their opportunities for growth more clearly, there’s a clear roadmap for cleaning up their relationship with money and critical areas in the work of being a coach. The questions and exercises at the back of each chapter are non-negotiable — just do them, because that’s where the gold is. They make what can seem difficult more accessible and doable for coaches to practice greater levels of mastery. Thank you Kamin and Steve for sharing your own stories and how you worked with them, and for writing this book — it’s going to serve the profession in profound ways!”

~ Carolyn Freyer-Jones, CFJ Coaching Success School


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