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Dear Kamin,
I am deeply grateful for the 6 months of powerful coaching that I received from you to heal the blocks, veils, and limitations that kept from me serving and attracting clients willing and able to pay a strong fee. As a result of our work together, I am comfortable with my increased coaching fees, my client load nearly doubled, my income in the past 9 months increased FIVE times (compared to the 9 months prior to our work together) and I am naturally attracting clients willing to pay my rates for transformational coaching!

Ellen Friedman, P.T., M.A.
Soul-Centered Professional Coaching
Health and Wellness Consulting
Certified Holoenergetic Healing Practitioner


When I chose Kamin as my coach, I already had a successful executive coaching and leadership consulting business. My focus was upping my game, and expanding into new client areas. The work that we did together over a year and two months allowed me to shift the balance of my business into more fulfilling work, to become a better advisor to my clients, and to have more fun in the business and life that I created!

Kamin’s encouraging and focused coaching style, all within a background of caring, compassion, and holding a grand vision for and with me, allowed my business to flourish in beautiful ways that it hadn’t before. She supported me in enhancing my professional excellence and creating more valuable services for my client companies. She also supported me in my own personal development, helping me to resolve and heal personal life distractions so that I could resume my focused on business building.

Kamin holds a wealth consciousness for her clients, which is one of her areas of mastery and expertise. While I do live with an abundance mindset, my ability to receive and cultivate more wealth, abundance, and flow in my life increased in our time working together.I experienced a record month of proposals that I wrote and that booked.  As Kamin had been coaching me on increasing my wealth consciousness, it seemed like the most natural thing when I received so many yeses! The level of relaxation and creativity during the proposal writing, and my delight and acceptance when they booked, truly showed me that I had indeed expanded my ability to both create and receive.

My level of joy in both cultivating clients and proposing solutions that can help them and their business has grown. This growth also applies to my personal life, where it’s even easier now to imagine, create, and receive fulfilling outcomes.  

With joy and gratitude, I wholeheartedly recommend Kamin as a Coach’s Coach, she is a wonderful model of expert coaching, and a true champion for a joyful and successful life.

Lisa Grech-Smith, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Working with Kamin is truly transformational. I felt stuck and frustrated like I was continually banging around in the same brick coffin when it came to financial development. In only two sessions, Kamin honed in on profoundly core issues that were holding me back, major blind spots I’d not previously considered. I was blown away by her uncanny insights, followed by practical and sensitive support for how to move past those blocks. I am practicing the skills and new paradigms daily, and already feel things shifting as a result. She is generous with her time and her gifts, and I am so grateful to have worked with her! 

Alison Friedman
Executive Director, Ping Pong Productions, Non-profit


From the very first conversation with Kamin, everything shifted immediately. It was like a reset and refresh for the soul. Kamin immediately put me at ease and showed me how the stories and the many judgements I was holding about myself were simply not true. She showed me a different viewpoint and perspective that helped me see that what I had previously considered “weaknesses” were actually gifts. All the things i thought were “wrong” with me turned out to be my greatest strengths.

Kamin created a relaxed space and a different awareness, empowering me to move forward and grow, putting me at ease, loving nurturing me through our sessions.

Together we were able to shift the way I value myself and the work that I do in the world.

I have greater clarity, awareness and space around who I am being and what I am creating, working with the flow of my life and who I am rather than against it.

Opportunities are arising that I never imagined and more importantly I am approaching them with a different mindset.

Kamin has the biggest heart and is so compassionate. She is open, honest, loving and I felt so incredibly supported throughout our time together.

I feel lighter and clearer and am so grateful for the chance to work one on one with Kamin.

I highly recommend working with Kamin from the bottom of my heart.

Emma Short-e
Be Deliberate Coaching

I wanted to express my deep appreciation for your heartfelt support and guidance.  You have had an amazing impact on my life and outlook moving forward. 

So much of what we talked about still resonates powerfully for me.  One statement I hear constantly is: “I am not doing this alone.”   That has become my mantra to remind myself to go deeper within to see more clearly the direction I am being drawn towards. 

You are so incredibly special that I wish everyone would take the opportunity to talk with you at some point in their lives.  It would make a huge difference, as it has for me.

Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given so Lovingly.  You truly are a blessing!

Larry Freed
NuView Coaching

Kamin, in many ways to me, is a literal life-saver. I was gifted a session with her during one of the toughest financial and darkest emotional periods of my life. I had previously came from a successful life in business but had hit rock-bottom after starting my own business just before we met.

Coming to her almost in tears, confused and feeling lost about not only my financial situation but also my direction in life, Kamin helped me refocus my vision and get a hold of my drive and passion for serving others AND accepting money for what I’m worth.

During our sessions, she threw out some suggestions of where I could go next…ideas that were BIGGER and BETTER than what I could have even imagined (after all, I was willing to accept anything to get me out of the mess I was in!). At the time, I thought she was absolutely crazy for suggesting those “this or something better” goals but lo and behold it was exactly those that came true.

Today I’m back on track with my career, making great money AND am immensely happy, integrating the lessons I learned from my challenging path and am serving others more than ever. I’m hugely thankful for Kamin and her amazing and intuitive guidance!

Tom C, VP at an International Bank


When I contacted Kamin, I had hit a wall with regards to dealing with my clients fees, payments, and I had specifically noticed how angry I was becoming each time my clients were slightly late in paying me. Kamin’s sessions were supportive, impactful and were a wonderful way to process the relationship I had with money. Kamin is also full of wisdom, humor and a great listener. I can honestly say that since I have had my 2 sessions with Kamin, I feel more playful about money. I no longer tie up money with my self worth. If you want to change your relationship with money, I highly recommend Kamin’s coaching.

Michele Attias
Coaching 4 Change


My experience with Kamin was nothing short of extraordinary.  In just a couple of sessions, we identified specific patterns that have likely been blocking my success for decades.  The funny thing was that I already had most of the pieces, but Kamin helped me assemble them in a new way that caused an immediate and obvious shift.  Within a couple of weeks of our sessions, I have nearly doubled my fees and have gotten more clients to say YES at that rate than at the lower fees I had before.  I endorse her work without reservation.

Dr. Fred Blum
Energy Rich Living


Working with Kamin is my best life investment – by far. Not only my business was transformed, I am a completely different person today. With only the first call, I signed my biggest contract ever!

I constantly have new ideas to expand, am confident in approaching clients and creating new prospects all the time. Also, I now enjoy things I dreaded – like cold calls and asking contacts and clients for referrals. Best of all, my relationship to my work – I have fun. And my relationship to me?  In a place I always longed for and saw so far out of reach: I love me, love what I do, and get great results. Thank you, Kamin, for helping me to create all this!

Maria Fernanda Martinez V.
Proyecto Dimelo

I have been “working on myself” in one way or another for the past 25 years. I have worked with established luminaries and renowned psychologists, I can honestly say that the work Kamin did with me is the largest gem I have ever uncovered in the realm of money and my relationship to it. I already see transformation in my  handling money and our first session was a few days ago. Powerful stuff.

Sophie Chiche, Founder of and