Are you curious what six-figure coaches do to create a prosperous practice?
Are you experiencing money cycles…it comes in and the goes out too quickly?
Do you feel like you’ve run out of people to talk to?
Are you feeling lonely and isolated in your business?
Are you giving and giving in sessions and no one is hiring you?
Are you in low six-figures looking to grow and don’t know how to scale?

Have you thought, “No one will pay me THAT kind of money.”

If so, the Money Lab Program is where you want to be.

In The Money Lab, you will learn tools, techniques, and tips to transform your relationship with money. We will question your money beliefs, and develop a new money story which will help you create the thriving coaching business you’re looking for.

Many coaches come to me asking the question, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I make money (or more money) as a coach?” We’re going to do it differently because the focus of this lab is on

What’s RIGHT with you!

We will work on removing any beliefs or constructs that stand in the way of you knowing that. We’ll also be identifying your signature strengths and how to leverage those as a coach.

Each week in this 90-Day Money Lab, we’ll discuss money beliefs and ways to rewire them into our subconscious. We will use both real life experiences and science based tools from positive psychology, neuroplasticity and neuropsychology to help you create new thoughts, beliefs and actions. We’ll also leverage strategies from Steve Chandler’s Advanced Client Systems (ACS) and Online Coaching Prosperity Schools to transform your practice, your life, and the world.


“In the wide world of coaching, there is no one better than Kamin Samuel at assisting coaches with their challenges and missed opportunities around money. I wish I’d had her help at the beginning of my career!”

~ Steve Chandler, Author of How to Get Clients

The Coaching Prosperity School


Coaches will receive support, guidance, and encouragement as well as participating in group collaboration. This group is for those who understand that coaching is THEIR PATH and their CALLING. If that is you, you may have been struggling to make money and/or grow your business. That is in the past.  This program is for you If you are willing to be a learner, a researcher, and to stay open in service to assisting others, bringing all your gifts and abilities forward.

And, you’ll be developing skills that you can use over and over again as you grow your business.



Here’s a portion of the Pre-Money Lab for 2023…

Join Now!



  • Becoming a Money Scientist.
  • Getting a return on your investment in this course.
  • Identifying and clearing limiting money beliefs to creating a successful business.
  • Exploration into the magic and play of money creation.
  • You will learn secret Laws and Principles designed to elevate your success.
  • We will be discussing what I call, The Crime of Not Charging…or charging appropriately.
  • Q&As and reviews to create your new unique new money story.
  • Identifying your character strengthens and how to leverage them in your business and your life.
  • Monetizing your gifts to accelerate your learning and success.
  • Aligning with your unique energy to thrive.
  • Creating a Power Goal for your business – understanding the benefits, new mindset and new habits for success.
  • Continuous experimentation with what money is and does in your life and business.
  • And more…


  • Openness, coachability and clear commitment to being in exploration and experimentation on a weekly basis.
  • Willing to make mistakes and keep in the game of coaching in the name of serving.
  • Willingness to share authentically in the group and support and encourage others in the group.


While it is not a requirement to attend all virtual sessions Live via Zoom, it is highly encouraged for consistency and for transforming your relationship to money:

  • Three 90-minute group coaching calls per month. All calls will be recorded. You’ll have access forever.
    • March: 7 at 9 am PST/noon EST/5 pm GMT/6pm CET
    • March: 14, 21 at 9 am PDT/noon EDT/4 pm GMT/5pm CET
    • April:  4, 11, 18 at 9 am PDT/noon EDT/5 pm BST/6pm CEST
    • May: 2, 9, 16 at 9 am PDT/noon EDT/5 pm BST/6pm CEST
  • There are now THREE late afternoon PT Makeup Money Lab for those who can’t make the live morning sessions.
      • March 21 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET
      • April 18 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET
      • May 16 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET
  • You’ll receive weekly money experiments that will be easy and fun to test and play with.
  • You’ll receive a copy of Wealth Creation for Coaches (as long as able to easily ship from Amazon US, CA, UK)
  • Additional bonuses, resources, assignments, and unexpected surprises!

AND, Steve Chandler will be joining us live for one session!


  • 100% commitment to your growth and success.
  • Showing you how to leverage and monetize your strengths and your Zone of Genius.
  • Helping you to create wins, areas of opportunity, and utilize your gifts.
  • Being with you as you strengthen the muscles and tools you need to be a highly effective and successful coach.
  • Sharing ALL of my learnings, mistakes, resources, ideas, experience with full transparency.
Space is VERY limited and may close at any time so signup early!
And, you’ll receive the FULL replay of the Bonus Pre-Lab!



New to Kamin?

Here are some of her favorite videos on Money, Alignment and Magic!






Can I join if I have a coach?

Yes. This program is mostly about money, your relationship to it and your growth in creating clients because of your new story with money. If you have a coach, I ask that you bring your explorations and experiments to them.

Are there any guarantees?

Just that I will share everything I can from my experiences and what’s worked with my clients as well as my positive neuropsychology work to assist in your growth. There are no refunds, however.

Do I have to attend every session for this to work?

It’s encouraged both for the learning and consistency to attend live but mostly, so you don’t have to make time later to learn. However, I know you might have things come up, or you may even have a job. If this speaks to you, sign up. Because I’m limiting the size of this group, there are some fun ways I’m crafting to help people easily do the program even if you can’t attend all the sessions. You’ll ALWAYS be welcome! I’ll create a way you can easily jump into the homework and get into testing and experimenting. If you miss a session, definitely keep coming!

Will there be a Facebook group?

Yes. I’ll be putting materials and recordings, as well as answering questions, in the Facebook group for you.

I'm new to Kamin. Are there addition videos or other information where she shares some materials?

Yes and Welcome! So glad you’re here. Email me directly and I’m happy to provide more!


I’m so glad I sign-up for The Money Lab for Coaches!  Your talks were inspirational and motivated me to put my fears aside, and get back in the game of providing coaching services.  It’s easy to see that you genuinely care about and envision success for each and every one of your students.  The supplemental videos you sent each day helped me to keep going, even when it would have been easier to give up.  Thank you so much for your time and attention.
~ Linda Thurwanger – Coach and author of Live Happily Even After:
Divorce Is Not the End of Your Story
Through my experience in Money Lab, I feel that I am closer to reaching my financial goals. While I’m not there yet, I am coming at those goals from a much more aligned and grounded place than before. I have successfully taken necessary steps to move the needle forward in a way that is in accordance with the life I want to live, thinking of my business as something that gives me energy instead of draining it.
Michael Sundell – Coach and Musician

I chose to take part in Kamin’s group because of my absolute faith in her magical ability to guide me in transforming into someone who knows what direction to take, trusts my own abilities and can see how to create an abundant lifestyle for myself doing something I love. She is a model of profound service – I have never received such warmth, such support, such gentle yet effective challenge, not to mention the huge amount of practical help and resources. And it’s lovely doing this in a group environment and learning from others whose personal journey is both very different and yet fundamentally the same; we have all grown in confidence, in scope, in vision. I’ve had amazing success in client generation during my time in the group, have delivered talks to teams and institutions and done things I never would have believed possible – all with a lightness of touch and in a spirit of play. There is magic in the air whenever you’re with Kamin and it rubs off on you!

~ Susan Taheri – Coach, Consultant, Storyteller,


I attended the Transition to Success Group program with Kamin Samuel this past winter January to March.  It was both informative and life changing.  The way that Kamin displayed her expertise of coaching to us was above and beyond.  Kamin’s ability to bring out the best in me wowed me every week.  The most important thing for me is that now I know what my True Unique gift is.  And for me that alone is worth the whole fee of the program.  I definitely would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about their own personal and professional transformation.  It is life changing.  I really look forward to the next time Kamin is doing this program again.

~ Edson Jeune, Clarity and Focus Coach,


If you are a coach who wants to learn or get better at the art of serving, and increase income through more paying customers or increase in earnings, I highly recommend Kamin. She has a lot of knowledge, experience, peace of mind and patience to teach you everything from enrollment of customers to really selling long-term coaching programs for customers.
~ Bert Jansen Deep Coach