I am Dr. Kamin Samuel. And my life’s purpose has been to contribute to the lives of others and help them have a greater impact on the world, through their gifts and abilities through their zones of genius.

I’m on a mission. This really comes my mission oriented Navy background as a Navy helicopter pilot.

I have been working with coaches, business owners and executives helping them to expand into who they are, how to monetize their gifts and abilities. It’s time to help the underserved communities to learn the same tools and techniques that they just don’t know.

Many of us are where we are today based on decisions that were made centuries ago. It’s an opportunity now for us to come present to the new mindsets, new education and behaviors that are possible to transform poverty into wealth.

And it’s possible.

The underserved communities that I’m talking about are African American and other POC communities. And they’re many, including Native American, Hispanic American. I’m going to add in another group…women veterans specifically, and it’s really all veterans. But I know women veterans really suffer when they come out of the military. They’ve accomplished so much and then they don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know how to talk about themselves or their skills and abilities and what they’ve done. And so they don’t get to experience the prosperity that’s available to them in many cases.

Ultimately, I’m about hope. I’m not just a glass half full, kind of a gal. I’m all in full, about hope and a future.

So if this mission about transforming generational, or industry, poverty into generational wealth is something that speaks to you, please put your name and email address below and I’ll keep you up to date. I don’t send out a lot of emails. But I’ll keep you up to date on on what I’m doing and and who’s coming in, and what we’re about because there’s some really fun things that I’ve got in store.

And if you’d like to be a part of this mission, click this link to my email address and send me a note and tell me you’re in.

I’m excited about this mission because I know it is something that we can transform and help so many people.

Are you in?