Executive Transformation

My executive clients are extraordinary, high-functioning, individuals who are ready for something to change in their lives.

They come to me feeling stuck, over their heads, lack confidence, and even paralyzed in their career and/or life. And, some are referred to me by their bosses who see their potential and want to close the gap on their performance so they can have a “seat at the table.”

There are three primary traps that executives can experience: 


  1. Leadership mindset – They haven’t raised their level of critical thinking to the next level (ie. functional focus instead of organizational impact)
  2. Emotional response – They get triggered in difficult conversations and lose their poise (ie. either too reactive or shutting down)
  3. Limiting behaviors – They have old habits of playing “small” rather than rising to a higher level needed at the next level of leadership (ie. lack detail, not taking command in a meeting, too perfection oriented, not supporting good opinions with data or analysis to name a few)

Again, these directors and above have the talent, skill and desire but they’re not ready to move to or not performing fully at the next level of leadership. 

And, my clients know they should be doing more, earning more, and more importantly, being of greater service but something seems in the way and holding them back. I am able to see patterns in their lives and help them reframe what may have happened to them in their past that is weighing them down and causing angst and frustration. And, from those patterns, we begin to see their greater life’s purpose, which is so extraordinary and lovely to see when this is revealed! My client’s say it’s both awakening and freeing! I am grateful, humbled, blessed, and thrilled beyond measure that I get to be of service in this way.

Clients begin to uplevel their leadership skills and attune to their inner genius that improves their performance and allows for promotability. New opportunities begin to “miraculously” appear. We work together to move through fears of moving forward, of being seen, and of both failure and success.

Coaching engagements are for 6 or 12 months.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s have a conversation and see how we might work together.