Coaching & Consulting Practice Transformation

As a coach of other coaches and consultants, I assist my clients in identifying and clearing the Root Cause Blocks (RCB) and blind spots to growing a profitable practice, help them learn the enrollment process, gain clarity on their programs, offerings and pricing, and strategize how to be of greater service in their profession so they increase their confidence and therefore increase their earning potential.

I am blessed to work with amazing coaches who are committed to changing the world through their unique gifts and abilities and who are service oriented. AND, I have no limiting beliefs about what they can create. I see their genius and hold a place for them to awaken and emerge into to create the profitable business they desire.

There are several different levels of coaches I work with:

  • Many coaches & consultants come to me feeling stuck, frustrated, and even paralyzed in their business. They know they are good at what they do but may be questioning if they can truly make a living being a coach. They know they should be earning more, and more importantly, being of greater service but something seems in the way and holding them back.
  • Others are more experienced coaches who are already making money and successful as a coach. They know they’re that good but they’ve hit their own wealth glass ceiling.
  • With my advanced level clients, these coaches sometimes have what I call a “container issue.” Money comes in, lots of it, and it goes right back out. They just can’t seem to hold onto wealth.
  • When I chose Kamin as my coach, I already had a successful executive coaching and leadership consulting business. My focus was upping my game, and expanding into new client areas. The work that we did together over a year and two months allowed me to shift the balance of my business into more fulfilling work, to become a better advisor to my clients, and to have more fun in the business and life that I created!

    ...Kamin holds a wealth consciousness for her clients, which is one of her areas of mastery and expertise. While I do live with an abundance mindset, my ability to receive and cultivate more wealth, abundance, and flow in my life increased in our time working together.I experienced a record month of proposals that I wrote and that booked.  As Kamin had been coaching me on increasing my wealth consciousness, it seemed like the most natural thing when I received so many yeses! The level of relaxation and creativity during the proposal writing, and my delight and acceptance when they booked, truly showed me that I had indeed expanded my ability to both create and receive.–Lisa Grech-Smith, Executive Coach and Consultant

How I work with coaches & consultants…

I have a particular technology to identify blocks and limiting beliefs that hold my clients back. I am able to attune and see patterns in their lives and help them reframe what may have happened to them in their past that is preventing them from receiving and/or keeping wealth.

Once we’ve identified and cleared some of the blocks, a new level of creativity and expansiveness emerges. They are able to attune to their “inner knower” to find and step into the natural flow of their business. We create programs and discuss pricing that allow them to take their businesses to the next level by attracting their ideal clients at increased pricing with greater ease and grace.

My client’s say it’s both awakening and freeing! I am grateful, humbled, blessed, and thrilled beyond measure that I get to be of service in this way.

Working with coaches is NOT just about making more money…

For me, wealth is not just about money. It’s about the fullness of who we are and what we experience. It’s about great health, loving relationships, a fulfilling career and yes, money, too. And, for me, it’s learning to hear and heed the voice within that wants us to do well, to have all our needs met and to experience health, wealth and happiness. I share with my clients’ principles, tools and techniques that allow them to experience tremendous results growing their profitable businesses and having their ideal life.

The character of coaches I with…

The most important characteristics of a coach that I work with is that they are open, coachable, and ready to take their practice to the next level.

When I say “open,” my clients are open to feedback, they don’t hold on to a position, they know that everything I say is with great love so there is no need for defensiveness. They tell the truth of where they are, even if they don’t like where they are. And, they’re open to the possibility that they can make more money with ease and grace…and have fun!

“Coachable” is that they follow through on the actions that come up in their sessions…or there are willing to tell me that they didn’t so we can clear whatever stands in the way of them achieving their dreams. Honestly, I don’t care whether they did it or didn’t do it, just that they tell me so that I can assist them 😉

Let’s have a conversation…

If anything on this page or site resonates with you, contact me. I’d love to have a conversation with you to see where you are and what you’d like to create.  Click here to connect with me.

I wish you Wealth and Success!