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I work with Business Owners, Leaders and Entrepreneurs to achieve greater wealth, grow their business profitability and sustain success. I assist them with their identifying what may be undermining them from expanding their business.

Here are a few of the issues and symptoms Business Owners and Leaders come to me with:

  • They’ve hit a particular income plateau
  • They make great money but can’t seem to keep it and it feels like a never ending cycle of feast or famine, they keep leaking money
  • They’ve tried to grow their business and something just keeps happening to pull them back
  • They’re frustrated with their staff, sales teams, and even their clients
  • They have a great product or service but they’re not hitting sales and revenue goals.

When I begin working with a new client, we start by identifying where they are and where they’d like to be. Many only know what they don’t like about their business and the reasons why they must change, which is perfectly fine as a start. During the first session, we identify the Breakthrough they are looking for. More creativity and clarity is available which then allows the process to accelerate. 

I am gifted at attuning to my clients to hear where they have a block to increasing sales or achieving success and also hear the possibilities available to them. I can see and hold a vision of my clients at their next level, and many times beyond that, which they cannot yet see for themselves. Most clients think I’m a bit crazy when I share what I see for them…until it happens and we discuss the ease and grace by which it manifests.

  • I have been "working on myself" in one way or another for the past 25 years. I have worked with established luminaries and renowned psychologists, I can honestly say that the work Kamin did with me is the largest gem I have ever uncovered in the realm of money and my relationship to it. I already see transformation in my handling money and our first session was a few days ago. Powerful stuff.–Sophie Chiche, Founder of and

  • Working with Kamin is truly transformational. I felt stuck and frustrated like I was continually banging around in the same brick coffin when it came to financial development. In only two sessions, Kamin honed in on profoundly core issues that were holding me back, major blind spots I’d not previously considered. I was blown away by her uncanny insights, followed by practical and sensitive support for how to move past those blocks. I am practicing the skills and new paradigms daily, and already feel things shifting as a result. She is generous with her time and her gifts, and I am so grateful to have worked with her!–Alison Friedman, Executive Director, Ping Pong Productions, Non-profit

  • Hi Kamin, Working with you was profound and life changing. I felt an immediate shift in energy. The result is a deeper level of relaxation and ease in my body. Financially I know something shifted, as new clients are calling out of the blue! I've integrated aspects of myself that were at odds and there is a new found peace presentas I go about the day. Physically, my martial arts practice has jumped to a new level of heightened awareness.

    To say you are the "wealth doctor" is an understatement. You are street smart, spiritually savvy and your approach works!"–Lin Morel,

  • I had one conversation with Kamin, then followed her advice. Within weeks my income doubled.

    Kamin is awesome!


    –Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A. Astrologer, Columnist and Author of You're Every Sign,
    Astrology's Keys to Hot Romance


Sales Performance Coaching…and Serving through Creating Relationships…

I work with individuals and teams on sales performance from both and inner and outer approach. On the outer, we work to increase sales, hitting numbers and targets. On the inner, understanding that it’s all about creating relationships, developing listening skills to hear throw away comments potential clients make that could increase prospect conversion, as well as cultivating the inner experience they what to have…that leads to them achieving the outer success they desire.

Ways I Assist My Clients

Some of the practical business related issues that we may address include:

  • Merchandising, Marketing and Sales
  • Sales member/team development
  • Product and service offerings
  • Pricing strategies
  • Staff and leadership development
  • Customer service issues
  • And more…

I work with a proven system that gets extraordinary results in rapid time. If this resonates with you, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Click here to provide me with some information and we’ll have a confidential, no-obligation conversation. I will get back to you promptly.


“Before I started working with Kamin I had just launched myself into the middle of the ocean of a new business, not knowing what to do when gale-forced winds of employee issues and getting in over my head financially hit me with full force. I felt I was headed for a whirlpool of disaster. Kamin’s gentle strength and constant reminder that I CAN do this, along with practical guidance in how to handle the various issues that kept smacking into me causing me to feel like I was drowning again pulled me back onto the sturdy bow of safety. Kamin’s strength and knowledge was what I needed to get the new business off on the right foot. Since working with her I opened my second retail business in less than one year, launched a high end consulting program that’s been full for 6 months, purchased my first investment property, created an entirely new brand in my online business, seen exponential cash flow, and a massive amount of positive growth in our employee’s relationships. I’m so thankful I had Kamin with me during those fledgling months to pull me out of the depths and guide my course until I found solid footing again!” Kristen Joy Laidig, CEO Greine Investments, LLC/COO InterACT, LLC


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Abundant Blessings,

Kamin Bell Samuel, MS, MA