Kamin Samuel is an international Rapid Transformation Coach and Therapist who guides business owners, executives, and coaches in growing their business and changing their lives in rapid time. She has a unique gift for transforming limiting beliefs and behaviors to help her clients achieve their goals and uplevel the quality of their life overall. Kamin has the distinction of being the U.S. Navy's first female African-American helicopter pilot. She has a background in information technology, web development and online merchandising. She also served as a Vice President of Global Website Operations at a billion-dollar company. Kamin is an award-winning author of the Amazon bestsellers "Increase Your Abundance Starting Today!" and the "Wealth Transformation Journal."

letter from a client

Now What?

I recently received an email from a wonderful woman I’m working with on getting a new job. She’d completed the first assignments and asked now what? This is part of my response that you might find helpful as well. Just keep doing the wealth exercises. We’re working on your vibration now to own that you…