As a coach, I assist my clients in clearing hidden blocks and blind spots to experiencing the life my clients desire, which leads to greater clarity on their life’s mission and receiving more wealth in all areas of their lives. Relationships improve, with others and with themselves, they experience increased confidence and gain awareness’s and perspective about their lives that allow them to be of greater service in their profession and in the world.

How do you do that?

My clients are extraordinary, high-functioning, individuals who are ready for something to change in their lives. They come to me feeling stuck, over their heads, and even paralyzed in their business, career or life. They know they should be doing more, earning more, and more importantly, being of greater service but something seems in the way and holding them back. I am able to see patterns in their lives and help them reframe what may have happened to them in their past that is weighing them down and causing angst and frustration. And, from those patterns, we begin to see their life’s purpose, which is so extraordinary and lovely to see when this is revealed! My client’s say it’s both awakening and freeing! I am grateful, humbled, blessed, and thrilled beyond measure that I get to be of service in this way.

A New Level of Creativity and Expansiveness Emerges

Clients begin to attune to their “inner knower” in new ways to find and step into the natural flow of their lives. They also find and get connected to their true source of happiness. New opportunities begin to “miraculously” appear. We work together to move through fears of moving forward, of being seen, and of both failure and success. We identify, evaluate and strategize what they really, really, really want.

Why so many reallys?

I take my clients through a profound process of identifying their true heart’s desire. Some clients truly don’t know what they want. They just know they don’t want what they have. And, if we only “think” we know what we want but don’t attune to what is truly for us, we can acquire “things” or go for growth and promotions, thinking that we’ll be happy when we get to that new level, or buy a house, etc., only to find ourselves still empty, unfulfilled and frustrated.

If any of this resonates with you and you’re ready for your life to expand and be transformed to new heights, then let’s have a conversation and see how we might work together.