Kamin Bell Samuel started her professional career as the U.S. Navy’s first female African-American helicopter pilot. Kamin flew the CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter, and was a NATOPS and Maintenance Check Pilot, and Flight Instructor. Kamin completed two deployments to the Mediterranean and was Officer-in-Charge of a detachment in Brindisi, Italy.

After nine years as a leader in the Navy, Kamin transitioned her career to her first attempt at being an entrepreneur. Like so many successful entrepreneurs, her first failed business shaped her current expertise as a Wealth Consciousness Mentor and Business Strategist. Kamin joined a computer electronics web team during the dotcom boom. Starting out in an entry-level technical position and utilizing the focus, leadership and dedication she learned in the military, she moved up the corporate ladder quickly with a string of promotions that combined her strong technical skills, merchandising abilities, and management of a high performing team. The entrepreneurial bug hit Kamin again, and she took a job with one of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses that has grown to over $1.5 Billion. Within 1 year, Kamin was promoted to Vice President of Online Merchandising overseeing web design, online merchandising and web operations. Later she became Vice President of Global Site Operations. Noticing that she had a high percentage of direct reports that were being promoted into leadership positions and increasing their compensation in a significant way, she decided to use her gifts and talents to coach others. She began by assisting friends and others she didn’t manage with stellar results of increasing their confidence, income, wealth and fulfillment. It was clear to Kamin that it was time to enter the entrepreneurial world again to have even more freedom to assist small business owners, women entrepreneurs and those in corporate, increase their success by expanding their wealth mindset, enhancing their ability to grow their wealth through their products and services, and implementing strategies that fit who they are. Kamin holds a Masters of Science in Computer Systems, a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, and a Masters in Spiritual Science. Kamin’s spiritual degrees prepared her well to be a coach with great compassion, caring and intuition.

Kamin sits on the board of EduCare Foundation, Los Angeles’ largest after school program. She is also a founding member of the International Executive Council and the Women’s Leadership Group of the Internet Marketing Association.Increase Your Abundance Book

Kamin is the bestselling author of Increase Your Abundance Starting Today! A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Transform Your Thoughts and Life to Attract More Wealth, Success and Joy After Debt, Bankruptcy or Failure, formerly “Journey to Abundance.” In this book, she shares her very personal journey of debt and the path she took to living an abundant life.

Wealth Transformation JournalHer latest award-winning book is “The Wealth Transformation Journal” where she shares the number one tool she uses with her clients.

Kamin is passionate about helping people attract more wealth and abundance in all areas of their lives. She works with clients to clear limiting beliefs and blocks to success. She also assists her clients in connecting with their own intuition and to partner with their spiritual practice to achieve the life of their dreams.


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